All roads leads to Desteni (Day 26)

It's no wonder our world is messed up. We have been brainwashed to think and believe that as long as everything seems fine in our own life, then everything is fine, then there's nothing to do but to enjoy our idea of what life should be like. Though if we're honest with ourselves, we know … Continue reading All roads leads to Desteni (Day 26)

Power games (day 25)

A lesson that is hard to swallow is that when I hurt myself I hurt another. When I abuse myself I abuse another. Because I in that acceptance and allowance we tolerate everything that is not representing the potential of what can be our best self in thought, word and deed. And when someone seems … Continue reading Power games (day 25)

Turning a bitter situation into gratefulness (Day 23)

I have been living as a shadow of myself for as long as I can remember. Like I've never really stepped into myself as my own power and directed myself to absolutely take full responsibility for my own possessions that's been filled with excuses and justifications as to why and how I can allow myself … Continue reading Turning a bitter situation into gratefulness (Day 23)