All roads leads to Desteni (Day 26)

It’s no wonder our world is messed up. We have been brainwashed to think and believe that as long as everything seems fine in our own life, then everything is fine, then there’s nothing to do but to enjoy our idea of what life should be like. Though if we’re honest with ourselves, we know deep down that we’ve always been settling for less, for something that is less optimal.

We’re all guilty of this. We have yet to address greed, on an individual level and on a structural systematic way in how governments, businesses, organizations and banks operate. Should you not know by now, money is the only religion on earth, it’s where we’ve placed our trust, yet somehow we don’t ever question the validity of how money is flowing – in relation to what the educational system is to how and what the physical world is reflecting back to us to be aware of.

We have yet to give to others that which we ourselves would like to receive. Which would be an equal money system for all. Anything else than that, and there will be a breading ground for self interest within deceptive cons running rampant like we have today. It’s the way in which we have separated ourselves within ideologies that’s based on wishful thinking through polarity of who’s right, who’s wrong, who’s good who’s bad that create and reflect mental illness in this world.

How did we come to this point where we are today in 2021? One thing will stand out as the reasoning for all the problems we face today, INEQUALITY. We miss what it means even, we are IN equality, that means that whatever I do to another, I do to myself. Hence if we want to change the world, we have to change ourselves. Stand equal to that which we have become, and change our own individual selves into that which is best for all, one by one we walk until it’s here as who we are. A heaven on earth for all.

The only support for such a process I’ve found is Desteni, where there is courses available for those willing to learn about what such a process entails, plus everything you wish you knew. Just click on the (ABOUT) button on the blog and you’ll find the links.

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