Reliving the words Morals/Ethics (Day 6)

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  1. of, relating to, or concerned with the principles or rules of right conduct or the distinction between rightand wrong; ethical:moral attitudes.
  2. expressing or conveying truths or counsel as to right conduct, as a speaker or a literary work.
  3. founded on the fundamental principles of right conduct rather than on legalities, enactment, or custom:moral obligations.


  1. ( used with a singular or plural verb ) a system of moral principles:the ethics of a culture.
  2. ( used with a plural verb ) the rules of conduct recognized in respect to a particular class of humanactions or a particular group, culture, etc.:medical ethics; Christian ethics.
  3. ( used with a plural verb ) moral principles, as of an individual:His ethics forbade betrayal of a confidence.

What comes up in me with the words morals and ethics depict what guidelines I set for myself as to what I accept and allow inside and out. I see it have been mostly to do with the point of self-deception, tainted by comparisons of judgements, polarized principles, living a false facade of hiding the real truth about the nature of myself in relation to the whole. So I’ve trapped myself behind projections of what it means for me to be good and evil, right and wrong, in a self dispute that has caused self-hatred resulting in abusive behaviors and actions.

Now, I realize that I do not have to live in such a state, where I’m of this world yet not in it. Meaning, I’m a living result of this manifested mess called human nature, where everything gets justified within an eye for an eye, as an accumulation effect building and building until we all destroy everything because I was right, and they are wrong. And so it’s my duty sort of thing to be a ”man” and live in a state of revenge.

Instead, I take my power by stopping myself, clarifying what it is I will not accept and allow as to what will be best for all, which is the ultimate principle that is ever worth living as because that is best for all. So morality and ethics becomes an outcome that is guided by the responsibility I take to make sure I do not compromise my thoughts, words and deeds in a way that is based on feelings and emotional reactions of what I project to be morally and ethically valid.Thus I can live within the ability to stop and breathe, before I act out what comes naturally as ”human nature”. I can access for myself what and how I will respond to any and all challenges I face as human being. Make sure I do my best to find a solution within whatever it is I find myself going through, and change myself to be the best I can be for myself. I don’t have to be influenced to live within decisions I’ve made by comparing, judging, and justifying my actions, I can stop this by bringing everything back to myself, and decide what living example I can be and live as the living word.

So what is the moral of the story? Who decides the moral of your story, what makes it ethical? What makes it good? What does it mean to be bad? Who am I?


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